The Oeiras municipality is part of the Lisbon district and its metropolitan area, with 9 km of river front where the Tagus River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Oeiras is also known as “Europe’s Silicon Valley” due to the large number of multinational companies based in this location.

In Oeiras you can find one of the oldest national sport complex, the Complexo Desportivo do Jamor, which welcomes the greatest Portuguese athletes from different sports categories. Here, the athletes can live, study, and train in the same location.

The World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals will take place in Praia da Torre (“Tower beach”) which is recognized by its sea water quality and has been awarded a blue flag. This eco label award ensures the sea water is analyzed regularly and acknowledges the excellent quality of the water.


During the week of the event, the following weather conditions are expected:

Tidal Information