Volunteering in sports represents an opportunity to participate in sporting events and activities without having to be an athlete, plus the possibility of acquiring and developing professional skills in different areas, and also direct contact with national and international active agents within the sport. So, even if you’ve never sat on a slide, adjusted your feet on a shoe plate and squeezed your hands over a pair of oars to glide over the water, but if you share the team spirit and enthusiasm proper to the sport, you can always be part of our team as a volunteer. This year the World Rowing Coastal Championships is in Oeiras and will take place simultaneously with the Beach Sprint Games. If you want to wear the FPR and World Rowing (FISA) shirt and participate in this big event as a volunteer, fill out the application form with your details and wait for our contact.
We’re counting on you!



1. Operations and organization

Participate in operational and administrative tasks.

2. Assembly and disassembly

Support the assembly and disassembly of structures and equipment.

3. Media, Communication and Image

Participate in the production of material (text, image and video) to promote the event.

4. Information and Guidance

Provide assistance, information and guidance to spectators, athletes, coaches, referees, staff and other participants in the different zones and event facilities.

5. Technology

Support in the IT area, for example in classification systems.

6. Protocol and Ceremonies

Participate in protocol awards ceremonies.


Zone 1
A – Athletes’ area

Coming from all over the world, athletes are the biggest stars of the WRCC and in their reserved area it is important to ensure that nothing is missing to provide everyone a good competition. Kindness, relaxed and friendly disposition are essential to provide the personal support required in this area.

B – Boat parking zone

All boats registered and approved for the WRCC must be ready for the best performance in the competition. In the parking zone for boats on the beach it is important to keep watch, control access and report any occurrences. If dealing with these boats is nothing new to you, this is your place.

C – Starting line 1 and 2

A starting line is a place of great tension and getting a clean start can be anything but an easy task. If you are able to handle the pressure of the moment and if you have a strong sense of the importance of fair play, get ready to line up in this area.

D – Finish line

Reaching the finishing line in the shortest possible time is the goal of all WRCC athletes and teams. Everything is decided on top of that line, so all the installed systems must be operational and there is no room for errors or doubts. To gain your position in this area you only have to detain a good sense of responsibility and attention.

E – Classification tent

Everything is sport, but in an international competition like this a good ranking is (almost) more than anything! If you are an IT enthusiast, you will like to get to know all the technology involved in a classification system. Concentration and rigor are the main requirements to participate in this area.

Zone 2 - Oeiras Marina (dry dock)
A – Boat registration and weight

In the boat admission zone it is essential to follow all the formal procedures, from registration to weighing of each of the boat. Your participation in this area requires maximum accuracy and seriousness and reports directly to the person in charge of the Control Committee.

B – Boat entrance (water access)

All the boats approved for the WRCC must sail from The Dry Dock of the Oeiras Marina to the beach (Praia da Torre) where they have their own parking area. If you are already an experienced rower, you are the ideal candidate for this area.

Zone 3 - Expo
A – Information center

Good welcoming and correct information are very important during a major event that brings together people from different countries. The ability to speak at least one foreign language is required to all of those who aim to participate in this area, along with complete knowledge of the event and prompt answer to all queries.

B – Merchandise tent

As in any other major event, the WRCC will have official merchandise from promoters, organizers, and partners available for sale. If you like customer service and sales, this area is for you.

Zone 4 - Piscina Oceânica
A – Training, warm-up and changing rooms

During the WRCC, the Oeiras Ocean Pool will provide a restrict training and warm-up zone for athletes and coaches, as well as changing rooms. are access areas reserved only for athletes and coaches. In this area it is important to ensure access control, provide support to users and report any need or occurrence.